We are very thankful to Lucia for helping us during our time of need. Our first time experiencing Lucia’s incredible work was when one of my boys (Big Boy), exhibited strange behaviour and even resorted to chewing through cables whenever we leave home. We were worried and at our wits end to this sudden change in Big Boy as he was never the type to do such things. Recalling that Lucia does bodytalk sessions for animals, we looked to her for help. Lucia worked her magic, and after just one session, Big Boy calmed down remarkably and eventually went back to his normal cheerful self. He even stopped chewing cables!

Through Lucia (who also incorporates animal communication in her bodytalk sessions), we found out the reason for the strange behaviour of Big Boy: He was doing his best to keep us at home with him as he worried that we would get hurt when we go out (coincidentally, something unfortunate had happened to us when we were out prior to the sudden change in his behaviour).

Lucia has also helped my other boy (Little Man) to remain calmer and enable him to enjoy his daily walks. Little Man is on the timid side and would bolt (without care of danger) at the slightest noise when we are out. After just one session with Lucia, Little Man now looks forward to walks (he even keeps his pee so he can go farther and pee and different spots☺ a far cry from when he used to empty his bladder at the nearest point near our home just so that he could go back home faster).

As Lucia incorporates animal communication in her bodytalk sessions, she has helped us understand our boys better and now we are close than ever as a family. Lucia’s professionalism, sincerity and love for animals are apparent and I would recommend her to anyone who wants improve their relationship with their furkids.