Dell Chan

Our local dog River was a nervous dog. It was very stressful to get River to the vet clinic. He was sterilised when he was 8-10 mths old (easy to pick up) but as River got older, he would need to visit the vet clinic (eg teeth scaling) more often instead of house calls. I decided to consult Lucia about a Body Talk session with River in July 2011.

River would be fine at home but he refused to get out of the house. We took our other two dogs for daily walks but River would twirl and twist till we had to drop the leash in case he hurt himself.

Lucia came for 2 sessions. River was not particularly interested during the Body Talk sessions – he was running around doing his own thing. I did not expect much except perhaps a calmer dog.

One evening 1-2 weeks later, as we got the 2 dogs ready for their walks, River showed interest to come along. We put the leash on him and he stepped out of the gate on his own for the first time since we moved back to the house in 2004. To say that we were surprised was an understatement. We took River for a short walk …. and he has been walking on the leash everyday since. And yes, he has gone to the vet clinic (not his favourite place) several times since.

Is it a coincidence that he decided to walk after Lucia‘s sessions? I don’t know, but many thanks Lucia.