Tammy Thiang

When I was first introduced to the idea of BodyTalk in November 2011, I had discovered that my first and most beloved cat, Effy, was suffering from terminal lung cancer. I had initially brought her in to be put down because I couldn’t bear to see her suffer, but our vet, Dr. Lee Yee Lin, whose sensitive intuition we have trusted for years, told us that Effy wasn’t ready to go and suggested that we try a session of BodyTalk to find out what was having her hold on despite her suffering. It was Dr. Lee who arranged our session with Lucia, and for what we got out of it, I can never thank her enough.
The BodyTalk session with Lucia helped me to see Effy more clearly than I had in months; my anxiety about her illness had made me blind. The session helped me to realise that as much as I cared about Effy like she was my child, that she looked upon me the same way and was holding on to life because she was truly afraid that if she left me, that I would die. It helped me to see how with her unconditional love and beautiful energy that she brought to my life, Effy had done her best to support me through the many trials I had been through and even in my journey to recover from a childhood trauma. I had been so caught up in my own view of being Effy’s carer in her illness that I didn’t even recognise the sound of her purring when I was near or touching her anymore – I had mistakenly thought that it was the sound of her laboured breathing getting aggravated and had been reducing how often I was petting her so as not to add to her discomfort!
There are no words that can really express the extent of my gratitude for that first session of BodyTalk and all that it helped me to see. It gave me and Effy the most beautiful two weeks together before her passing on the 4th of December that year; it enabled me to be patient, respectful of her desire to be at home and to die in her own readiness, and it helped me to live each day in the gratitude that we had that time together still. It also did much to help me to come to terms with the loss because I had the comfort of knowing that as much as I had loved Effy that I had been loved more in return. BodyTalk also gave me a different way to look at her – to see how her energy was tranquil, content, loving and without any fear of her own impending death despite the deterioration of her physical health.
I have had more sessions with Lucia since, for myself to deal with various subconscious blocks in my journey, as well as for the cats that I have adopted since, to help them to cope with changes and occasional upheavals. BodyTalk and Lucia have been such a great help to our whole family that I am looking forward to attending some of the training sessions which Lucia helps to organise in the hope that we can bring BodyTalk even more into our lives.