About Animal Communication

Animal Communication is all about listening to your animals on a different level.Animal-Communication

Not with your normal sense of hearing but your sense of feeling from your Heart Space. Animal Communication is an inborn skill we all have. Most of us have just forgotten how to tune in with this amazing ability.

In her BodyTalk for Animals sessions Lucia incorporates her animal communication skills to help with the sessions and receive more information to support the balancing/healing.

“Like most people who start out with “remembering” animal communication I was quite doubtful whether I would receive any information. It actually took me quite a long time before I told people that I do animal communication and even longer before I finally decided to put it on my name card. But life guides you to what you are supposed to do and now, only a few years later here I am teaching an Animal Communication class called Linking Awareness – A Healing Journey! I have no doubt that we are all capable of communicating with animals and nature. It really is an innate skill we are tapping into. Throughout the years I have realised that what is most important is to be open-hearted  and open-minded and be willing to let go of belief systems and expectations which is what gets in the way. When you start doing that, it is amazing to learn about what the animal kingdom and nature is trying to share with us and teach us. If you’re interested in “learning” Animal Communication join me for a Linking Awareness Class and experience the magic for yourself.” – Lucia Meijer

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
– Helen Keller