BodyTalk for Animals uses the BodyTalk System to balance the general body/mind energy of your companions, addressing physical, emotional and behavioural concerns. Like BodyTalk, BodyTalk for Animals is designed to re-establish good communication within an animal’s body.

BodyTalk for Animals supports the resynchronization of the animal’s internal systems to provide fluid communication between the various components of the body, thus keeping the body sound and less vulnerable to disease.
This system is safe, non-invasive and very gentle. BodyTalk for Animals sessions complement your animal’s current veterinary care by accelerating physical healing plus alleviating issues such as stress, fear, separation anxiety and undesirable behaviours.
BodyTalk for Animals offers a unique approach to animal health and well-being by involving the owner or entire family in the sessions. This approach acknowledges the unique bond that exists between you and your companion.

BodyTalk for Animals Sessions

Animals generally have a natural and strong desire to be healthy and well, but domesticated species are easily affected by the stresses of living in human environments. This stress can compromise their physical, mental, emotional and behavioural health. BodyTalk for Animals facilitates balance in all of these areas which can:

  • CorticesReduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote faster healing
  • Release fear and trauma
  • Support emotional health
  • Address behavioural issues
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your animal
  • Enhance general health and well-being
  • Help with transition

The bonds between humans and the animals with whom they cohabitate are tremendous. Many animals take on physical, emotional and energetic stresses of their human companions.
Sessions offer a unique experience in which the connection between you and your companion is acknowledged and honoured. While the session will focus on the animal, many people report feeling a sense of well-being in themselves, as well.


candle-759143_640Saying Goodbye

Whether it happens suddenly or whether our companions leave us after battling an illness it is never easy to lose a pet. Animals become such a huge part of our lives and they give us their love unconditionally, no questions asked. BodyTalk sessions can help both the animal and guardians in the transitional phase allowing a more peaceful departure. Sometimes it is matter of creating acceptance and peace for both parties, in other cases it involves clearing some energy blockages.

Giving permission

Sometimes pets, even though they are ready to go, hang on for their guardians because they are not ready to let the pet go yet. In those cases it is very important for the pet to receive “permission” from the guardian to leave when they are ready. This can allow your pet to pass on peacefully without “feeling guilty” for not being able to hang on any longer.

Dealing with loss and grief

When our pets are no longer there there is a sudden emptiness which can make us feel quite lost.
BodyTalk sessions can help the guardians and also other pets in the household who can, like us humans also suffer from severe grief after losing a friend.