As long as she can remember Lucia has felt a strong connection to animals. From a young age she was surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Lucia worked for three years as a volunteer at the Dolphin Research and Rescue Centre in Harderwjk, Netherlands.

Lucia has always felt that the presence of animals in peoples’ lives is very powerful and can even be healing. She participated in several courses focused on Animal Assisted Activity and Therapy where this feeling deepened.

In 2005 Lucia moved to Singapore and for four years she worked at the Singapore Zoological Gardens as the Conservation and Research Assistant. Here she had a chance to extend her knowledge in the broad field of animal behaviour, management and general medical care.
At the beginning of 2008 she attended a BodyTalk Access class and quickly realized that this was the modality she wanted to work with since it works with both body and mind. Lucia became a certified BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals practitioner in November 2008.

Throughout the years Lucia has also pursued her interest in Animal Communication and in March 2015 she became a Linking Awareness facilitator and is now teaching a class called Linking Awareness – Intercellular Communication.

Since 2011 Lucia is working full-time as a holistic practitioner with the veterinary team at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre in Singapore.