Allyson Klass

I had my first BodyTalk session with Lucia in 2013 when I was pregnant with my second child and was having trouble accepting the pregnancy. I’d gone to see a counsellor before and felt like I was being judged for even having negative thoughts. Lucia was a breath of fresh air — open, non-judgmental, warm and accepting. During the sessions, I was often overcome with emotions but I never once felt embarrassed breaking down in front of Lucia. She made me safe and that she was there for emotional support. At one of these sessions, Lucia felt there was a need to connect me with my baby as we were both angry at each other. What happened next was amazing. At the time she detected both our anger, she asked if baby was kicking. He was, furiously. After she made me imagine a link from my heart to him, the kicking stopped and Lucia seemed to know that too. Baby C is almost 2 now and I’m glad to say he’s a happy kid and I’m happy too. I still see Lucia when work gets too much for me to handle and I find myself more at peace after sessions with her. She’s firm when she needs to be when she meets my petulant side during our sessions and I’m glad she can help mend relationships or emotions of people close to me when the need arises.