Ellen Bok

Two days before my migration from Singapore to Thailand, me and both my dogs had to leave our apartment and stay in a temporary place before we could fly off. Both my dogs were stray dogs before and both of them were abused. My oldest dog (3) is a very gentle and sweet dog and shy in nature, the other one (2) is much more fearful and as a result has a more dominant and aggressive nature. Feeling a huge change was about to happen , both my dogs turned frantic and uncontrollable. I wasn’t able to calm them down anymore. I called Lucia who immediately came over to see my dogs. She started doing her healing work on them with me as a surrogate. Within 10 minutes, my wildly jumping, anxious and barking dogs were completely relaxed and fell peacefully asleep. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They slept for at least a couple of hours and after that they were still very calm and peaceful. They were still much more relaxed when they had to go into the plane the next morning and it made their transportation much more relaxed and less fearful. Due to Lucia’s incredible work, my dogs didn’t freak out anymore and had a much more comfortable and safe journey than without her help. Lucia is a very compassionate animal healer and very natural in dealing with animals. To me it seemed as though she was truly communicating with my dogs at conscious as well as at subconscious levels.