Loving Pet Owner, Singapore

It was in part a desperate attempt when I first contacted Lucia for help with our then 10-month old border collie puppy, Sam. Sam’s introduction into our home had been relatively uneventful initially, and he had also been commenced on obedience training lessons. Nonetheless, we observed that he was slightly more nervous than our previous dogs. The turning point probably came with disruptions to his routine when our house underwent a short period of renovations. Sam’s anxiety increased significantly, and he developed a habit of snapping when frightened. This was followed shortly by Sam retreating into a corner of his own room where he remained huddled the entire day, emerging only when I returned from work. We were concerned about his psychological health. Sam’s health check by the vet had been unremarkable. I had chanced upon BodyTalk for animals previously and started reading up on its potential benefits. A session with Lucia was thus arranged.

Sam took well to Lucia almost instantly, and she patiently spent hours at her healing work with Sam. Importantly, through Lucia’s application of animal communication during the sessions, I gleaned valuable insights that enabled me to empathize with Sam’s emotions and behaviours. We noted that Sam was significantly calmer in the days following his first session with Lucia. Each day was subsequently received with small but palpable improvements in Sam’s physical and mental well-being. He has since been a well-integrated member of our family and very much adored. Our two BodyTalk sessions with Lucia had allowed Sam to develop into an emotionally-balanced dog, and the bonding we now share with Sam would not have been achieved without Lucia’s timely assistance.