Loving Pet Owner, Singapore

Lucia played a great role in the last stage of my dog’s life. We went to see her when my dog, Shiraz was diagnosed with cancer and she was unable to walk. It was in an advanced stage and we may have to put her to sleep, which is the last thing that I want to do for her. I was devastated and at a complete loss of what to do next. During the session, Lucia used her healing methods to work on both me and Shiraz. She is a good listener and helped Shiraz and I to come to terms with her illness and to face this journey together. I left the session calmer and determined to make the most out of the remaining time with Shiraz. We had the most wonderful two months together before Shiraz succumb to her illness. The last session we had with Lucia was a happy but sad one. We are happy that we had a fulfilling journey together but we know it is time to say goodbye. Lucia helped Shiraz to cross over peacefully on her own. Shiraz and I are both grateful to Lucia for the work she has done to enable us to strengthen our bond and paving the way for us to have no fears about leaving each other, for we know we will meet again someday….