Journey Overview:

Join the facilitator as you get taken on a deep 3-day journey into the experience of heart-brain integration and non-verbal communication. Learn to listen to and communicate with aspects of the animal kingdom, your self, your body, clients, nonverbal children, nonverbal adults and more. Remember how to listen from your sacred heart space with your intuitive and imaginative subtle senses (hearing, vision, taste, smell, and feeling - empathic and subtle touch). Receive a gift of energy activation to the “Blue Sirian Energy”.

Practitioners of other modalities will learn to apply concepts from this journey and integrate them into their work. When applied, the concepts in this experiential journey may have a significant impact on your own health and wellbeing, as well as that of the animal kingdom, your family, clients and more.

Journey Description:

An Adventure in Consciousness:

Through entering into sacred heart space and communicating with aspects of the animal kingdom, your self, your body, clients, nonverbal children, nonverbal adults and more, you will be exploring and breaking through limiting beliefs, ideas and attitudes about your life and your reality. You will be encouraged to share your own personal experience in the exploration of consciousness as a layperson and/or professional. Debriefs are held after each exercise. Questions throughout the journey are encouraged. Use the concepts learned through the Linking Awareness Journey CD© set to listen to and communicate with aspects of the animal kingdom, your self, your body, clients, nonverbal children, nonverbal adults, more.

The “animal” component is a significant aspect of the Linking Awareness Journey©. Throughout the ages, man has linked in with the animals, whether as powerful totems, hunting or domestic companions for their wisdom, innate understanding and connectedness with the environment.

More recently, the scientific community is (re)discovering that there is much more to animal “intelligence” than ever before imagined. Cutting edge practitioners of animal communication are promoting the concept of “Listen to the Animals” as opposed to “Talk to the Animals”. This journey is not simply a training tool to “stop your dog from barking”, but rather it is a gateway to open your awareness of your total environment, from the inter-cellular to the inter-dimensional.
A Grand Journey indeed!

Journey Summary: Day one includes a power point presentation of the concepts covered in this experiential journey and an introduction to the Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey CD set©. Day two and three are dedicated to the practical application of the concepts introduced on the “Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey” CD set©. Depending on the location, this journey includes indoor and/or outdoor classrooms. Depending on the location you may bring an appropriate animal to the class. Depending on the location we may visit sanctuaries, animal shelters, farms, ranches, animal clinics, forest/jungle locations, etc. With your commitment to registering and paying for this journey, your healing process starts, and you may notice aspects of your life beginning to shift. Journey Outline:

Exploring Consciousness through your IMAGINATION

Power Point presentation of the concepts:

  1. Intercellular Communication (sending and receiving non-verbal communication).
  2. Subtle Senses and the 4 Claire’s:
    The 5(6) ‘subtle’ or psychic senses are: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and feeling (empathy). Some people categorize them as follows;
    • Clairvoyance ~ “Visions, images and mental pictures” – either literal or symbolic.
    • Clairaudience ~ “Sounds, voices, and words” ~ either inside and/or outside your head.
    • Clairsentience ~ “Feelings and hunches or senses” ~ emotions or physical feelings or sensations, including smell, temperature or texture ~ inside and/or outside your body.
    • Clair cognizance ~ “Thoughts, ideas, inner certainty or knowing”.
  3. Why interact with non-verbal Sentient Beings?
  4. Common Characteristics of Intuitive Communication.
  5. Enhancing Communication.
  6. Cymatics – Is this non-verbal communication from universal consciousness?
  7. Blocks to clear Communication.
  8. Noticing Your Energy Fields and their affect on Sentient Beings.
  9. Information Intake.
  10. What to do with information after received?
  11. What is involved in a communication consultation?
  12. A few Frequently asked Questions.
  13. Linking Awareness Journey CD© download #1.
  14. Discussion of various concepts on the CD© set.

Concepts covered on the CD set:

~ Base/Root Chakra ~ Represented by the Red Elephant.
~ Sexual/Sacral Chakra ~ Represented by the Orange Alligator/Crocodile.
~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Represented by the Yellow Lion.
~ Heart Chakra ~ Represented by the Green Hummingbird.
~ Throat Chakra ~ Represented by the Blue Whale.
~ Third Eye/Brow Chakra ~ Represented by the Indigo Eagle.
~ Crown Chakra ~ Represented by the Violet Herd of Horses.
~ Rainbow Body ~ Represented by the Rainbow Dolphin.

~ Adamantine Particles ~ Represented by the Adamantine Blue Ocean.
~ St. Germain’s Violet Flame ~ Represented by the Well and the Violet Flame.
~ Christ Consciousness and The Unicorn ~ Represented by the Narwhal.
~ Cleansing Negative Low Frequency Energy ~ Represented by the Spiritual Waterfall.
~ Blue Sirian Energy ~ Represented by the Min-Min Lights.
~ BodyTalk Concept “Big 4” ~ Represented by the Raccoon.
~ Blue Sirian Energy ~ Represented by the Blue Clay.

Linking Awareness Journey CD© download #1.