Adrienne and Family

It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Lucia to anyone interested in improving theirs and their animals lives.I have known Lucia for quite sometime now, she has worked with my two dogs and cat using BodyTalk with great love and affection.But the most important time that we were blessed to have Lucia help me and my family was when my cat was dying and we as a family were overseas for Christmas. As you can imagine we were devastated to receive the call to say that “Mac” was so ill and that recovery was not possible, the idea of not being there for him was unbearable. In desperation I phoned Lucia and asked if she could help in some way, I told her how we as a family were feeling. Within a couple of hours Lucia had called to my home, and had begun working with “Mac”, when he needed the vet she was with him all the way. Her treatments helped release “Mac” from his pain and helped him cross over without the vet needing to put him asleep. But her work did not stop there she did some further sessions which helped my dogs and family let go of our grief and guilt for not being there for him. On a lighter note we now have a new kitty and Lucia once again came to our home and did a BodyTalk session, this time to help our two little dogs and cat integrate, which has worked beautifully. I will always be grateful to Lucia for the love and care that she gave to “Mac” in his time of need, he deserved the best and that is exactly the care Lucia gave him.Forever in Love and Gratitude