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“Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

About Natural Connexion

NATURAL CONNEXION came into life from Lucia’s heartfelt desire to connect with animals, people and nature at different level.

In applying the different healing modalities Lucia has learnt over the years, she helps facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “balance” in the lives of both animals and people.

“It is all about remembering the NATURAL CONNEXION we have with everything.” – Lucia Meijer



As long as she can remember Lucia has felt a strong connection to animals. From a young age she was surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Lucia worked for three years as a volunteer at the Dolphin Research and Rescue Centre in Harderwjk, Netherlands.

Lucia has always felt that the presence of animals in peoples’ lives is very powerful and can even be healing. She participated in several courses focused on Animal Assisted Activity and Therapy where this feeling deepened.


In 2005 Lucia moved to Singapore and for four years she worked at the Singapore Zoological Gardens as the Conservation and Research Assistant. Here she had a chance to extend her knowledge in the broad field of animal behaviour, management and general medical care.
At the beginning of 2008 she attended a BodyTalk Access class and quickly realized that this was the modality she wanted to work with since it works with both body and mind. Lucia became a certified BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals practitioner in November 2008.

Throughout the years Lucia has also pursued her interest in Animal Communication and in March 2015 she became a Linking Awareness facilitator and is now teaching a class called Linking Awareness – Intercellular Communication.

Since 2011 Lucia is working full-time as a holistic practitioner with the veterinary team at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre in Singapore.

Therapies We Offer

Animal Communication
BodyTalk for Animals
Linking Awareness
  • Carina Ng

    Lucia Meijer is an awesome trainer, who willingly shared her knowledge with all of us. As the class was small, we had a good mingling and sharing among each other and it allow us to learn even more about various pets and experiences. Lucia was very patient throughout the 3 days class and was always encouraging and […]

  • Shirley Taylor

    Lucia has been a light in much darkness in my life – before, during and after Cookie’s passing. Using Body Talk, Lucia received some incredible messages from Cookie that just blew me away. I received huge comfort from those messages, as I know Cookie did too. And I am continuing to receive wonderful messages from […]

  • Christina

    Ever since Lucia worked her magic on our two boys (Big Boy and Little Man) via bodytalk and animal communication, I have been interested in learning how to communicate better with them. As fate would have it, Lucia invited me to her first Linking Awareness class conducted by her. Lucia is a natural teacher. Had she not made it known to us, I would never have thought that this was the first time she was conducting a class! I am glad that I started this amazing journey of discovering myself and animal communication with none other than Lucia who has been instrumental in helping my two boys through our times of need.

  • Regine

    This course is indeed a one-of-the-kind experience for me. It did open my mind and heart that animals DO want to communicate. I was surprised that some of them are really eager to.. Some of the personal messages that I got from them actually blew my mind. And I do thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

  • Evelyn Tan

    Last year, when my cat, Mei Mei, passed away, her brother, Le Chat, became withdrawn and depressed. He looked for her everywhere, lost interest in his favourite food, and even refused to sleep in the places that they had always slept together. I too was heartbroken, losing Mei Mei and watching her brother mourn inconsolably. […]

  • Dell Chan

    Our local dog River was a nervous dog. It was very stressful to get River to the vet clinic. He was sterilised when he was 8-10 mths old (easy to pick up) but as River got older, he would need to visit the vet clinic (eg teeth scaling) more often instead of house calls. I […]

  • Loretta Dalpozzo

    I discovered Body talk nearly 4 years ago in a very difficult time of my life, a tool I could not live without, anymore. Lucia has brought the healing and understanding of my body and my mind to a new level and I am very grateful for that. Every session is a beautiful journey of self-discovery and […]

  • Tammy Thiang

    When I was first introduced to the idea of BodyTalk in November 2011, I had discovered that my first and most beloved cat, Effy, was suffering from terminal lung cancer. I had initially brought her in to be put down because I couldn’t bear to see her suffer, but our vet, Dr. Lee Yee Lin, […]

  • Allyson Klass

    I had my first BodyTalk session with Lucia in 2013 when I was pregnant with my second child and was having trouble accepting the pregnancy. I’d gone to see a counsellor before and felt like I was being judged for even having negative thoughts. Lucia was a breath of fresh air — open, non-judgmental, warm and accepting. During the […]

  • Loving Pet Owner, Singapore

    It was in part a desperate attempt when I first contacted Lucia for help with our then 10-month old border collie puppy, Sam. Sam’s introduction into our home had been relatively uneventful initially, and he had also been commenced on obedience training lessons. Nonetheless, we observed that he was slightly more nervous than our previous dogs. The turning point probably came with disruptions to his routine when our house underwent a short period of renovations. Sam’s anxiety increased significantly, and he developed a habit of snapping when frightened. …

  • Loving Pet Owner, Singapore

    Lucia played a great role in the last stage of my dog’s life. We went to see her when my dog, Shiraz was diagnosed with cancer and she was unable to walk. It was in an advanced stage and we may have to put her to sleep, which is the last thing that I want to do for her. I was devastated and at a complete loss of what to do next. During the session, Lucia used her healing methods to work on both me and Shiraz. She is a good listener and helped Shiraz and I to come to terms with her illness and to face this journey together. I left the session calmer and determined to …

  • Ellen Bok

    Two days before my migration from Singapore to Thailand, me and both my dogs had to leave our apartment and stay in a temporary place before we could fly off. Both my dogs were stray dogs before and both of them were abused. My oldest dog (3) is a very gentle and sweet dog and […]

  • Anne Boin

    BodyTalk helped my little kitten to survive a car accident. By working on him from a distance Lucia found out that he had hurt his head and spinal cord. The vet didn’t know what to do. After the BodyTalk session he started to get better and after two weeks he was playing again. The wisdom of the body is amazing.

  • Adrienne and Family

    It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Lucia to anyone interested in improving theirs and their animals lives.I have known Lucia for quite sometime now, she has worked with my two dogs and cat using BodyTalk with great love and affection.But the most important time that we were blessed to have Lucia help me and my family was when my cat was dying and we as a family were overseas for Christmas.

  • Maria Sow

    Having lived with my internal issues for years and failing to get past them, I gave up trying. That was until I chanced upon BodyTalk and Lucia Meijer. It was a start to so many things and changes in my life. For me it was not an instantaneous help but one that removes the layers of the […]